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    How to get the most out of Vietnamese tailoring

    End result of 10 days of Vietnamese tailoring

    Oct, 2016: Getting tailoring done on the cheap in somewhere like Vietnam comes with inherent risks.  There is a very good chance that you will walk away with a pair of sky blue floral flairs. They looked so good in the window right? Everything else that you actually need is ill-fitting, made from rubbish fabric or is rubbish quality (or all three). We went to Hoi An last year to get wedding threads made for our impending nuptials. We hoped that given enough time and opportunity for multiple fittings we would be fine. While we didn’t walk away with any flairs we certainly didn’t have the perfect experience. We wanted to share a few things we picked up plus also a little review of the tailors we used. Hopefully you’ll be able to use them for your next trip to get some Vietnamese tailoring done. Who did we choose and how…

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  • Fisherman at dusk in the Cat Ba National Park: North Vietnam Itinerary

    Seven awesome days in North Vietnam

    Oct, 2016: Everyone raves about Vietnam but North Vietnam is where it’s at for me; the only problem is there is so much to see.  My mum, Fi, her sister and…

  • Love the colours of Hoi An's central market: Eating Hoi An

    Eating Hoi An and a run in with MSG

    Oct, 2016: As one rides down the gorgeous streets of Hoi An in central Vietnam, other than the never ending array of tailors and impossibly cute colonial cottages, one of the…

  • Storm rolling in over the beaches of Big Corn: Corn Islands

    Cooking the Corn Islands

    Aug, 2016: When people think of Caribbean holiday destinations, the Corn Islands probably aren’t at the top of the list. We fell in love with them though, especially Big Corn. After…