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February 2017

Fi and Guy get hitched: wedding portraits

Planning your wedding while on honeymoon

Nov, 2016: Most people in their thirties are either married or thinking about getting married. And, regardless of age, planning a wedding is a bit of a big deal. We were no different…except at the age of 35 we…

Jocom is a delicious zesty dish from the Quiche indigenous group of Guatemala
Fish and meaty mains

Jocom: a recipe from Escuela La Paz

Back in 2004 I spent several months working at an awesome little Spanish school for foreigners in Xela, Guatemala called Escuela La Paz. Every now and then the school director, Angelica would give cooking lessons to the students. Jocom…

Pepian, Guatemala's national dish. Yum Yum!
Fish and meaty mains

Pepian: Guatemala’s national dish*

I have read that Pepian is Guatemala’s national dish and after feasting on a few bowls of it I can see why. Tomatoes, chiles and a bunch of other ingredients are charred (ideally over a wood fire) before being…

Galapagos live aboard: One of our favourite friends on the Galapagos islands

Six amazing days aboard a Galapagos live aboard

July, 2016: For me the Galapagos islands conjure up images of ancient looking iguanas, giant tortoises and vast, sun drenched volcanic landscapes.  An impossibly blue ocean twinkles in the distance and a soundtrack of David Attenborough’s soothing voice echoes…

Venezuelan family: Outside the El Tigre Civil Registry office with Renny and the actual registry with information about my grandfather

Discovering my Venezuelan family – Part 2*

July, 2016: In the ensuing days after our first attempt to find my long lost Venezuelan family, I had all but made peace with our failed mission.  That was until we were effectively taken hostage over a payment dispute…

Venezuelan family. My grandfather in uniform. Handsome devil!

Discovering my Venezuelan family – Part 1*

June, 2016: Twelve years ago on my first trip to Latin America I learned that my grandfather on mum’s side ended his days in Venezuela.  According to mum, granddad died in the middle of Venezuela at some point in the…

Sundown on Finca Yopito, Los Llanos

Los Llanos: Cowboys, Caymans and cured Capybara

June, 2016: Our final Venezuelan adventure saw us take a day-long drive into the untamed wilderness of Los Llanos (the plains). Flood plains teemed with all manner of exotic animals while bare footed cowboys tended huge herds of hump…