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March 2017

Storm rolling in over the beaches of Big Corn: Corn Islands

Cooking the Corn Islands

Aug, 2016: When people think of Caribbean holiday destinations, the Corn Islands probably aren’t at the top of the list. We fell in love with them though, especially Big Corn. After some less than inspiring visits to the Caribbean,…

Estofado: Guatemala's tastiest stew
Fish and meaty mains

Estofado: Guatemala’s tastiest stew*

This hearty meat stew is another little gem which we picked up from our host family’s chef in Antigua, Sandra. It’s similar to the iconic Pepian however with the addition of carrot, fresh red peppers and bayleaves and without…

The stunning view across the roof of Guatemala

Climbing Guatemala’s most active volcano. Twice!

Jan, 2017: How long has it been since you climbed an active volcano and watched molten lava explode into the night sky? A while ago we did exactly that when we climbed Guatemala’s most active volcano, Volcan Fuego. The…

Chilis rellenos
Snacks, salads and soups

Guatemalan Chilis rellenos (Stuffed Chilis)*

At market comedors and street corner carts throughout Guatemala (and Mexico) one can often find piles of stuffed and fried chilis called Chilis Rellenos (literally translated as stuffed chiles). When bought on the street, these little beauties are often…

Antigua's best coffee: the Machiato Simple from Refugio's

Finding Antigua’s best coffee

Jan, 2017: Antigua has stunning volcano views, beautiful colonial architecture and a pretty damn good market, but does it have good coffee? While Fi enrolled in Spanish classes I took it upon myself to try and find out.  Selflessly…