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Nothing like a Caribbean sunset: Coconut bread
Dessert, pastry and bread

Seva’s coconut bread recipe*

While we were staying at Yellowtail House on Big Corn Island, nearly every day our host Dorsey would drop by with an offer of fresh coconut bread. It was soft, buttery and so delicious. Kind of like a tropical…

Estofado: Guatemala's tastiest stew
Fish and meaty mains

Estofado: Guatemala’s tastiest stew*

This hearty meat stew is another little gem which we picked up from our host family’s chef in Antigua, Sandra. It’s similar to the iconic Pepian however with the addition of carrot, fresh red peppers and bayleaves and without…

Chilis rellenos
Snacks, salads and soups

Guatemalan Chilis rellenos (Stuffed Chilis)*

At market comedors and street corner carts throughout Guatemala (and Mexico) one can often find piles of stuffed and fried chilis called Chilis Rellenos (literally translated as stuffed chiles). When bought on the street, these little beauties are often…

Jocom is a delicious zesty dish from the Quiche indigenous group of Guatemala
Fish and meaty mains

Jocom: a recipe from Escuela La Paz

Back in 2004 I spent several months working at an awesome little Spanish school for foreigners in Xela, Guatemala called Escuela La Paz. Every now and then the school director, Angelica would give cooking lessons to the students. Jocom…

Pepian, Guatemala's national dish. Yum Yum!
Fish and meaty mains

Pepian: Guatemala’s national dish*

I have read that Pepian is Guatemala’s national dish and after feasting on a few bowls of it I can see why. Tomatoes, chiles and a bunch of other ingredients are charred (ideally over a wood fire) before being…