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    Roasted guinea pig: feasting tales from Ecuador’s Quilatoa Loop

    Juicy, roasted pigs heads waiting to be feasted on

    June, 2016: One of my few regrets from my first trip to Latin America was not trying roasted guinea pig or ‘cuy’.  Throughout the Andean regions of South America, roasted guinea pig is a delicacy that has been providing indigenous communities with an easily produced source of protein for centuries. And, according to Google, it would also appear to be making inroads to the U.S. food scene. While trekking Ecuador’s Quilatoa loop I finally got my feast of roasted guinea pig at the lovely Lulu Llama hostel in the town of Isinlivi. From seeing guinea pigs on sale in a bustling local market; to watching the Lulu Llama chef unceremoniously break the guinea pigs’ necks; to finally being presented with a platter piled high with roasted guinea pigs the whole thing was quite an experience. Here’s how it went down. DISCLAIMER: If you’re a strict vegetarian or vegan or feel…

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    Fish and meaty mains

    Camp fire shepherd’s pie

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