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February 2017

Fi and Guy get hitched: wedding portraits

Planning your wedding while on honeymoon

Nov, 2016: Most people in their thirties are either married or thinking about getting married. And, regardless of age, planning a wedding is a bit of a big deal. We were no different…except at the age of 35 we…

Galapagos live aboard: One of our favourite friends on the Galapagos islands

Six amazing days aboard a Galapagos live aboard

July, 2016: For me the Galapagos islands conjure up images of ancient looking iguanas, giant tortoises and vast, sun drenched volcanic landscapes. An impossibly blue ocean twinkles in the distance and a soundtrack of David Attenborough’s soothing voice echoes…

Venezuelan family: Outside the El Tigre Civil Registry office with Renny and the actual registry with information about my grandfather

Discovering my Venezuelan family – Part 2*

July, 2016: In the ensuing days after our first attempt to find my long lost Venezuelan family, I had all but made peace with our failed mission.  That was until we were effectively taken hostage over a payment dispute…

Venezuelan family. My grandfather in uniform. Handsome devil!

Discovering my Venezuelan family – Part 1*

June, 2016: Twelve years ago on my first trip to Latin America I learned that my grandfather on mum’s side ended his days in Venezuela.  According to mum, granddad died in the middle of Venezuela at some point in the…