About us

About who we are

We are an Australian husband and wife who love to travel and love to eat. If possible we love to do both at once.  Fi is always up for experiencing everything that the world has to offer. She is constantly thinking about where we can go next. She may also have a mild case of FOMO (fear of missing out).  I’m a huge proponent of sniffing out the tastiest food I can find.  Then I want to cook and eat as much of it as possible, as often as possible, in as many different places around the world as possible. Fi is this blog’s sniff tester, editor in chief and chief technology officer. I’m the creative director, writer and photographer. We are Compass and Ladle.

Fi is a city girl born and bred in Melbourne. Like most other Melbournians, she loves sport and thinks they are the height of culture and sophistication.  I on the other hand grew up on a 60,000 acre sheep and cattle property in outback Queensland. I did school by radio and would like to think that I am the more down to earth one.  We met working together 10 years ago in Brisbane. Since then have shared 4 homes in 3 different cities on 2 continents and have had the good fortune to travel more than the average people.  We are pushing into the second half of our thirties at a mildly disconcerting rate. We are recently married and have taken leave of our jobs in UK financial services and our little flat in the Brixton prison (no that isn’t a typo) in London to do some travelling.

About why we travel

We travel because it’s the only time in your life when you are completely free to do what you want, when you want.  We travel because while we love Australia and our most recent home England, there are so many other places in this world to visit, so many people to meet and cultures to experience. Travelling has added so much to our lives and without doubt we wouldn’t be the people who we are today if we hadn’t gone traveling.  Now, as both of us are 35+ and kids aren’t too far around the corner we have decided that this particular trip will be the last time to have one last grand adventure with just the two of us.

One of the main things which determines whether we really love a place is the food. Finding that food cart where a wizened old man has been serving up the perfect taco for the last 30 years; or the restaurant down a back alley where nona has been slow cooking deliciousness in a wood fired oven based on her nona’s recipe; those amazing smells, the simple but heartwarming food and those beautiful, friendly faces will often be what we remember a place by. It’s what we will talk about in years to come.  Food is definitely another reason we travel.

Many people often say ‘we’re so jealous of your travels’ or ‘we wish we could do what you’re doing’. When we say ‘well, go travelling then’ they make up a myriad of excuses as to why they can’t.  Obviously at the most basic level you need time and money to go travelling but if you really want it you can make both. Whether you have one week or one year; whether you have a lot of money or very little; and whether you are married with kids or a single lone ranger; if you really want to go travelling you can make it happen.  Right now we have made the time, have worked hard and had some luck to have the money. The final reason we travel is because, well, we can!

About the Compass & Ladle Mission

Compass & Ladle is a blog about travelling, feasting and cooking.  It’s a means for us to get you involved in our shenanigans. In doing we hope to create a more sustainable lifestyle for ourselves so we don’t have to go back to the everyday humdrum of the corporate world. As we roam from place to place, we want to share with you:

  1. Travel tales and helpful titbits about the places we visit e.g. is it actually possible to travel to Venezuela without getting robbed? (the answer is yes by the way)
  2. Feasts we have eaten and where we have eaten them so if you manage to get to that same random village or heaving city you’ll be able to have the same deliciousness we did
  3. The recipes we have discovered along the way to hopefully inspire you to cook something you never have

We hope to inspire you to schedule in that holiday or take that career break you have always dreamt of. In fact, why not just quit your job, pack your bags, your kids and your dog too if you have one. Get out there and experience some of what this amazing world has to offer as life really is too short not to.