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Swahili food: loved being able to pull up at little roadside snackeries like this one for some tasty Swahili treats

Swahili food: feasting on Africa’s East Coast

Sept, 2017: After the relative culinary wastelands of Zimbabwe, Zambia and Malawi we were rather excited to discover the East African joys of Swahili food. From our first samosa bought out the window of our car in Mbeya, to…

South Africa

Buying a car in South Africa as a foreigner

Mar, 2017: Have you always dreamt of driving from Cape Town to Cairo? Do you like the idea of having your very own overlanding 4WD chariot to take you into the wilds of Africa? Is planning not really your…

Passport: How to apply for an Ethiopian visa in Nairobi

How to apply for an Ethiopian visa in Nairobi

Oct, 2017: Getting an Ethiopian visa from the embassy in Nairobi has a bit of a notorious reputation. At first we heard it wasn’t possible and then we heard it was possible but that it would be very painful.…

On the road north to Loiyangalani: avoid paying bribes

Police corruption in Africa: 10 ways to avoid paying bribes

Nov, 2017: Africa is an amazing continent full of stunning natural diversity, beautiful people and rich culture. It’s also a continent hamstrung by corruption. While corruption comes in many forms, by far and away our most common experience was…

Our grill master at Kapana Single Quarters in Windhoek: Best restaurants in Namibia.

Best restaurants in Namibia: a greedy eater’s guide

June, 2017: Namibia wouldn’t usually feature high in a gourmand’s itinerary but in the two weeks we spent there we had some awesome eating experiences. From simple barbecues in local markets, to Swakopmund’s brauhaus, to refined dining in a…