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How to make coconut milk from scratch

Making coconut milk from scratch

When we were hanging out on the Corn Islands last year, the constant sway of coconut palms got us inspired to try making coconut milk. Surprisingly it was a lot easier than we expected. With minimal instruction from our host Dorsey we had a few litres ready to go. Here’s the easy way to learn how to make coconut milk.

How to make coconut milk: Ingredients

2 large, mature coconuts*

1-1.5L water

How to make coconut milk: Method

  1. Crack open your coconuts being careful not to stab yourself. Here’s a little clip on cracking open the inner nut with stuff you’ll have at home and another on opening one from scratch (i.e. if it still has it’s skin on).
  2. Take the juice out of the coconut and put it to one side. Scoop out the hard flesh and then grate it finely. You could also just throw it all in a food processor and give it a good buzz until you have it finely pulsed.
  3. Combine the grated coconut, the coconut water and 1-1.5L of water and leave to soak for 2-3 hours. Almost immediately everything is combined it should look white like milk but you want to give it a few hours for the grated coconut flesh to soften.
  4. Strain the coconut mixture and then use your hands to squeeze any remaining moisture out of the grated coconut flesh.
  5. Once done you should have a pile of semi-dry coconut flesh and hopefully around 2L of coconut milk ready to go.

*NOTE: You’ll want coconuts that feel nice and heavy. If they still have the outer skin on them the skin should be browned and dried out a little. When you shake them you should hear and feel the coconut water sloshing around inside. Ideally, you’re looking for about 1-1.5cm of hard white coconut flesh and up to 0.5L of coconut water per coconut.


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